Diagnostic Testing Leads to More Effective Treatment Plans and 62% Better Patient Management…

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INSIGHT Diagnostics Group is a HODS Approved Diagnostic Center that provides competent EMG and Nerve Conduction Testing and Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound testing to patients in Oklahoma City, OK.

Our diagnostic testing trained clinical staff is part of a select group of diagnostic testing physical therapists. They are part of a Residency in Clinical Electrophysiology and Fellowship in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound.

Your patients can receive these tests in your office or in ours!

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A recent study demonstrated that EMG and Nerve Conduction Studies along with Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound provide 62% better patient management!

Table: Demonstrates comparisons of sensitivity among physical examination tests compared to Electroneuromyography testing and Musculoskeletal Ultrasound.

Why should you send your patients to INSIGHT Diagnostics Group as opposed to other Diagnostic Companies?

Other Diagnostic CompaniesINSIGHT Diagnostics Group
Most diagnostic companies are owned by business people who are not health care providersINSIGHT Diagnostics Group is owned by Healthcare providers who take responsibility and pride to our test results and competency
Tests provided by unlicensed personnel most times trained in weekend coursesOur associates are licensed healthcare providers; most are Board Certified in the type of test they provide
They take no responsibility for the results and interpretations since they are not licensed. You assume the risk!All test interpretations are done by licensed professionals experts on the testing they performed, who have professional liability insurance and assume responsibility for test results
Most provide only Nerve Conduction Tests without EMG testing as they are not licensed to provide needle EMGOur licensed professionals are fully licensed to provide the entire test as needed for each patient
Partial Test = Inaccurate DiagnosisComplete Test = Accurate Diagnosis
Partial Test = Against CMS GuidelinesComplete Test = Compliance with CMS Guidelines
Partial Test = Limited ReimbursementComplete Test = Full Reimbursement
You assume the risk and liability even if you have a rental relationship based on where you send your referralsAs testing professionals and testing procedures are done as per guidelines there is not added risk or liability
They provide you with testing results that make no sense to youWe provide you with detailed training and Certification on the various tests so that you know how to manage your patient better based on test results

Please use this Referral form to refer a patient to our office. Alternatively, you may choose to incorporate in your practice our new Medical Diagnostic Model that provides you with immediate testing results and a great business opportunity for your medical practice.

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